SUCCESS in anything is all about goals.

So today,

I wanna show you a simple yet effective and no fail goal crushing hacking method, you can use to crush your financial goals no matter how much it is that you set out in january this year to make.

yes I understand that 4 months have already passed this year. but believe it when I tell you that you still can crush those your financial goals.

Even if you are like most people who don’t set goals,

I will show you how to set one that you actually crush, not ones to carry-over to every new years. Are you interested in this?


Ok let’s get into it..


First for you to set a financial goal for a year, you will need to sit down, pick up an exercise book and list out all your financial obligations for the month.

Here’s how to do that..

House rent = ???  

Children’s school fees(if you are married)  = ???  

Car maintenance bill  = ???  

Power utility bill = ???  

Internet Data bill = ???  

Health bill  = ???   Food bill  = ??? Etc.

When you are done listing out all those things you need done in a month that requires money to take care of them, and you have written down how much they are gonna cost you,


Note: you will have to open your mind here, stop thinking scarcity, ditch such mentality. You are free to include those things you have always dream of having, say something like taking yourself out to a cool joint on Sundays to oil and grease your life.

Maybe you presently don’t do that because you don’t yet have enough money to achieve that, but mind you am here to help you live the best of your life possible. and that I understand will require money.

But money is not the problem, you are the problem here,

I say this with no apologies. and will prove it to you.

So list all those stuffs down, including those things you see for sale and you immediately do EYES RIGHT or EYES LEFT!

That those things are for sale means its human beign like you and I will buy it.

I understand maybe you don’t have the money that’s why you choose to look else where,

but am here to show you how to make that money leveraging the internet where you don’t worry about money and can afford almost anything you want.


So list them all out because you can achieve it all and am here to prove to you that it is actually possible to live your best life now, not tomorrow.


So please quit scarcity mentality. I beg you.

After listing all that out,

by tomorrow, I did be showing you how to actually make those things possible in your life using an online business model that will help you generate the money needed to take care of those things.

Please don’t joke with this thing am telling you to do, pick up a paper right now and list those things out, this simple exercise will prove to be a life changing exercise that you will never forget if you follow my instructions.  

It’s up to you my friend.

I will not force you.


So talk to you tomorrow  


Your friend in success

Franklin Samuel


See you on the cool beaches of the world.


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