It’s a beautiful day today once again.

Yesterday, we were able to list out what things we wanted to achieve in a month.

If you multiply those things you need in a month by 12 months in a year, you will get what your financial goal for the year should be.

Say for instance your total amount you wanna make that will take care of you in a month was 500k.

If you multiply that by 12 will give us 6,000,000.

So that means for you to crush that 6 million financial goal of yours, you need to make 500k every month in this year.

But now, 4 months have already passed in this very year, which means we did be minusing those months that has gone.

And if we do that, we did be left with 8 months thats remaining and if we divide 6million by 8 months, we did be  expected to make 750k each month and not 500k.

Hope you getting my calculations here?.

Had it been we did this in January this year, we did be having full 12 months to work with, but now we are in april, meaning that four months has already been spent.

Two things we can do it to minus those four months that have passed and now work with 8 months.

And if we go with that, that means 500k which was our monthly financial budget multiplied by 8 will give us 4,000.000.. we can go ahead and look for ways to make just 4millon or we can still choose to still make our initial 6million.

Yes it’s still possible, my igbo people will say “anytime one wakes up is his morning’.

So it’s your choice, whichever one you choose, it’s all fine.

But understand why we doing this, we are only trying to get a vision/target that we can run with.

Got it?


(please let this million million target we are working with not turn you off, yes I know it can happen to some, more specially If you still struggling financially and have never seen or made a million in your life, but understand that it is very possible, this our financial goal we choose is something so many persons makes as a daily income, do understand that please.)

So let’s move on.

We now have 750k or 500k to make within a 30 days period.

How do we achieve that? You may ask.

It’s very simple.

This is how to go about it..

Let’s simply divide 750k or 500k by 30 days of the month.

750k divided by 30 will give us 25k per day.

That means we need to make 25k every single day to be able to make 6 million by the end of this year, that’s since we are starting in the month of may. Ok?

Let me tell you, making this amount is very easy, believe me, I have made like 70k in a single day before and I can tell you for free here that this is very possible.

But if you are like my friend, who her salary in a period of 30 days is 25k, that we are talking here to make in a single day, it will be very difficult for you to believe.

I perfectly understand that.

But hear this,

that is simply your brain playing on you.

Not that making such amount is impossible, so believe it because that’s where it all get started, right inside your mind. Yes.

Let me tell you a short story,

Some years back, I have forgotten the exact year,

There was this kilometers that no one was able to run up to in a specific time period, I think 4 minutes.

But one day, one man, I have also forgotten his name.

Came up and decided he did train himself to break that mark within that particular time period.

After training hardly for months,

He came out and ran and ran that very kilometers with in that 4 minutes time.

The whole world stood still for him and h got a worl standing ovation and recognition.

Remember, before now no one beilieved that was possible, but he did it, so it did be impossible until you have done it.

Within some few months time, like four other person or more ran that same kilometers within that said time.

Did you notice what was happeing here?

Humans have before then placed that limitation on themselves right inside their mind, without knowing what their full potential is, but as that man broke that record, others now decided to try and when they did, they succeeded.

So even if your salary or money you make in a month is 10k, believe it that you can make 500k in a day, if not for any other thing, believe because so many person makes x10 of that and even more.

So, to make 25k in a day, all we have to select is a product that can pay you commission of 15k per one you sold, and then you sell 2 of that product in a day, you will make 30k, which means you have even surpassed that 25k target.

You see that?

Or you select a product that pays 10k commissions and sell 3 of it and you did be making 30k per day, which is also more than our daily financial target.

Or you select a product that pays 12,500 and sell just two of it in a day, that’s 25k

Or we can select one that pays 6k and sell 5 of it.

So that simply how it works.


It’s all about numbers.


And then you believing and putting in the required work and watch your phone booze with 25k or more sales alerts in a single day.

And the good thing is that there are so many products like this available to you that you can promote without having talking to anyone but you leveraging tech tools to make massive sales.

You have limitations as how many person you can talk to in a day, that’s if you are the extroverted and networking type, but if you are introverted like me,

you still don’t have an excuse to be broke, tech tools can make you the most extroverted, you can come in front of the whole world and talk to them and they listen to you and take the action that you want while you are hiding behind your laptop or smart device.

But let me be honest to you here, it is not every day that you are gonna make sales, there maybe some bad market days for a particular product you are promoting.  It happens in every market, there’s bad market days.


So how will you cover up?


How will you bullet proof yourself from few bad market days that occurs sometimes in a year so that you can still go ahead and never miss any of your daily target and still crush your financial goals?


I did be revealing to you how I place my sales trap that it catches something every single day, which helps me crush my financial goals with absolute certainty, without fail.

Hope you will like that?


Keep a look out for it.

Your frieen in success

Franklin Samuel

See you on the beaches of the world.


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