Yesterday I showed you how to set up and select products to promote, which generates the money needed so that you can crush your financial goals.

I also remembered telling you that just promoting one product may not do that for you, because lets be honest, there are some days that you will not make sales on a particular product.

So I promised to show you how I set up my system so that I can’t go a single day without getting sales alert.

But first,

let me ask you..

Have you been to any big super market before?

Do you know that Some of this supermarkets makes hundreds of thousands or millions just in a single day? Do you know why that is the case? It’s very simple. They sell more than one product.

So if one did not sale today, the other one will sell, if that one did not sale today, another one on the shelf will sale.

That’s the secret.

But had it been it was just one product that they put up for sale, they did be missing some days sales. You get that? So that’s almost the exact same approach I mimick in my business. I have multiple products  that I promote and they pay me multiple income.

Here’s how I do that..

I promote more than one product.

Say I have one product that sells for 30k and I get paid 50% commission which is 15k, I need to sell two of that every single day to achieve my monthly target of 750k.

But I don’t just lay all my eggs in one basket, I still go ahead and have other automated sales systems that promotes other products that pays me say 10k commissions, 8500 commision etc.

We are leveraging robotic tech tolls here, they don’t get tired,they don’t ask for leave, they don’t go on break. You can employ as many tech tools as possible, to sell as many commission income generating products as possible to make as much passive income as so many person can only dream of and will term it impossible amount to make in a 30 day period.

Remember these are all different products, if one does not sale today, they other will sell, I spread my fishing net so wide that it sure must catch something every single day.  

That’s my secret method.  

That’s simply what am doing here.

I promote more than one product.

I promote like 5 of them and it helps me get a non-no-sale day. I must make sales every single day. And by so doing, crushing my financial goal becomes very easy.

And you  know the best part?

Some days I get sales in all of them, and that will mean I make double to triple of my daily target.

That’s simply how to do that. It may sound so unbelievable to you, that’s also how I felt when I don’t yet know how it’s done, but that’s how its done and it is very possible.

You need multiple streams of income to actually become financially free. That’s why I am telling you about this automated income stream method.

The good thing about this income method is that it runs on its own without your direct effort/input, which means you can set up your automated affiliate sales funnels and go about your normal day activities or your paid job and it generates money for you on automation.

I will explain more on this by tomorrow.


PS: if you haven’t watched this money generating video that breaks down howto crush at least 400k per month consistently, please do that now! 

click here to watch it.

Do enjoy your day.  



Your friend in success

Franklin Samuel

See you on the beaches of the world.

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