Yesterday I told you about vero and how she mistakenly stumbled and picked 8500 from promoting a product sold for 17,000 and that pays 50% commissions which is 8500.

The way she did that like I remembered telling you is the amateur approach.

Here’s how the amateur method of product promotion works.

You get your affiliate link and place it on your timeline or maybe on all those free facebook groups and should anyone click and buys the product following your affiliate link, you get paid a commission.

That’s the amateur way because it can hamper/reduce sales for you,I mean you can barely make sales for so many reasons.

Such as:

No audience targeting of any type

No credibility and influence building  strategy, you know people buy from those they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

To me that method is simply gambling, using hope and pray marketing method.i don’t do that.

Say you have 5000 friends on facebook, they are only the ones who did see that your affiliate link you posted.except you are fortunate and some of them shares that your link of their own timeline, by so doing ,

your post get to reach more persons, which means more sales for you depending on how relevant what you promoting is to the audience that’s seeing it.

But the second approach which is the one I recommend is using the professional method.

Below is how this approach works…

You select a product you wanna promote, you set up what’s called a robotic sales funnel which helps you sell the product without talking to anyone.

To use this approach,

you will be needing a self hosted online presence, this will not cost you more than 10k for whole one year(that’s both the domain name, something like, are what’s called domain names, it’s like your office address on the internet and the hosting fee, you pay a hosting company this money to make your office on the internet to be up and accessible 24 hours of the day )


So getting both of that will not cost you more than 10k for a year. Those are part of the robotic tech tools that I have been telling you about.

So when you get that,

You will now design a simple sales funnel that looks like this:

TRAFFFIC SOURCE(eg FB ADS, google ads etc)

Presale content page

Optin page

Affiliate sales page

Let me explain how the above funnels works in real time..

After you have purchased your domain name and hosting,

You will run advert to the automated 24-hours-live funnel pages that you set up there.

This is the funnel page you did be needing

You will write a presale article and put it up on a page on your site.

From that presale, you take those who landed on it to the nest page in your funnel, which is the optin page, on the optin page is where they did give you their contact details to enable them get access to the solution they are seeking(for instance, how to make more money)

Then once they have fill the optin form on the optin page, they will be redirected or sent to the product sales page that you are promoting.

Did you get it?

This is a professional way because it doesn’t just promote product that you are trying to sell but you are building a targeted audience that you can promote other products to in the future.

This is also a professional way because people take you serious. They look at you like an authority and credible person who is not just after their money but really spending money to help them. You know people are selfish like that.

So using this professional method positions you as someone to trust their advice and take the action you recommend as being worth following.

It helps you get more conversions(meaning you will get more persons buying from you), because those contact details they gave you while they are going through your funnel, you did be using it to do what’s called follow up, to break their resistance as not buying.

Because anyone who submitted their contact details on the optin page is interested to get that solution that you are promoting, but as research have it, a typical person will have to see an advert 7 times before they take action,

So by following them up, you are showing up to them and also building credibility in their eyes, they get to know who you are, like you and trust you,o f which minus that happening, they will not buy.

So thats the professional method of effortlessly setting up an automated  affiliate sales funnel that pulls in at least 400k per month for you.

My mentor will do a better job at explaining this process to you and how its done more than I did, that’s why I want you to watch this free video here:

He breaks this down in a way that you understand it well, then inside his paid training is where he did take you by hand showing you how easily it is to set this automated cash pulling funnel up effortlessly.

Go watch the video if you haven’t.


PS: he may increase the price of this his training, I want you to get it,to be honest with you, he did pay me a commision if you buy the training using my link, but then you can decide to go and buy from another link, that’s If you hate me that much, but also remember that you will still be dashing him the whole money.

Whichever one you choose to do is ok.

But my main concern is to help you crush all your financial goals for this year and beyond, leveraging this profitable online business model that’s very easy to set up.

You can do this, I know it.

Am rooting for you!


Your friend In success

Frankin Samuel

See you at the top.

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